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                            NTC Applications

                            2016/3/14      view:

                            As a resistance thermometer for low-temperature measurements of the order of 10 K.

                            As an inrush current limiter device in power supply circuits, they present a higher resistance initially, which prevents large currents from flowing at turn-on, and then heat up and become much lower resistance to allow higher current flow during normal operation. These thermistors are usually much larger than measuring type thermistors, and are purposely designed for this application.

                            As sensors in automotive applications to monitor things like coolant or oil temperature inside the engine, and provide data to the ECU and to the dashboard.

                            To monitor the temperature of an incubator.

                            Thermistors are also commonly used in modern digital thermostats and to monitor the temperature of battery packs while charging.

                            Thermistors are often used in the hot ends of 3D printers; they monitor the heat produced and allow the printer's control circuitry to keep a constant temperature for melting the plastic filament.

                            In the food handling and processing industry, especially for food storage systems and food preparation. Maintaining the correct temperature is critical to prevent food borne illness.

                            Throughout the consumer appliance industry for measuring temperature. Toasters, coffee makers, refrigerators, freezers, hair dryers, etc. all rely on thermistors for proper temperature control.

                            NTC thermistors come in bare and lugged forms, the former is for point sensing to achieve high accuracy for specific points, such as laser diode die, etc.